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Welcome to Light of the World, where everyone is welcome. We are a family oriented church community that embraces everyone. Join us in worship and praise, while being the Light of the World & spreading the love of God.

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Light of the World Church is a family-oriented place of worship that seeks to bring people closer to God by creating an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Our services are filled with music, prayer, and inspiring messages that will bring a sense of peace and joy to your heart. We welcome all people to come and join us in praise and worship, no matter your background or beliefs. We believe that the presence of the Holy Spirit will bring transformation and renewal in our lives. Together, let's discover The Light that only God can give.






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3777 Quimby Rd. 

San Jose, Ca. 95148

Sunday School: 10:00 am

Sunday Service: 11:00 am

Tuesday Midweek: 7:30 pm

(408) 238-9145

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